Wish U Was Wish I Was by JohnnieDocEye

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#DavidBowieIs exhibit @ the V&A #Awesome

#DavidBowieIs exhibit @ the V&A #Awesome

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During his life Al Docker was a leading light in the Coventry and Cornish music scenes. A self taught musician and event promotor he was was also a great networker and all round top bloke. Al sadly passed away in the 90s but will be remembered by many with fondest memories including myself, his kid brother.

Recently a good friend of his (Trevor Teasdel) forwarded some lyrics scribed by Al in the early 70s entitled ‘Castle Stones’ and thought I’d like to record a version of it. Well,with a helping hand from my LIES band mate and good friend Dean Lovell here it is . Hopefully I have done Al’s lyrics some justice and I’d like to thank Trevor for providing me with this wonderful connection to a man who was both a brother and inspiration to me.

John Docker

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This’ll wake you up !

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Updated demo

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